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Government Grant of $15,000 to Assist in Mechanical Cane Harvesting on Hilly Terranes

Published on: June 13, 2022

The Government through the Ministry of Sugar Industry is continuously investing in the Sugar Industry through provision of grants and other financial support to increase production and sustain the industry.

Recently, a total of $15,000 was given to Kissun Logistic PTE Limited to assist in the modifications of the tractor mounted harvester that will allow harvesting cane on hilly terranes.

On 27th May, 2022, the grant agreement signing took place between the Permanent Secretary of Sugar Industry, Mr. Yogesh J. Karan and the Director of Kissun Logistics Limited, Mr. Pravinesh Kissun at the Ministry of Sugar Industry Boardroom.

Mr. Yogesh J. Karan said that there are 98 harvesters in Fiji which harvests up to 35 percent of the total cane produced each year.

He further stated that out of the 98 mechanical harvesters, 57 harvesters are based in the Western Division and the rest are in the Northern Division.

Government has partly funded the harvesters worth $90,000 each and the rest of the amount was funded by the co-operatives formed by cane farmers.

“Out of the 98 mechanical harvesters, 53 percent are funded by the Ministry of Sugar Industry under the Farm Mechanization Program and in addition to that, 15 co-operatives were also assisted to procure farm implements,” said Mr. Karan.

The mechanical harvesters have addressed the issues related to cane harvesting but there are areas where even these machines cannot harvest cane due to hilly terranes.

Kissun Logistics bought the machine in the country on their own cost, though it required serious modifications but upon testing it was a success. Through this grant, Mr. Kissun will undertake further modification works on the tractor mounted harvester. He expressed his sincere appreciation and is thankful to the Government for the support through the grant provided.

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